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press, Media, and writers

   While we are an ultimately fair organization, it is important to express that, in the era of social media, we see exposure through the mainstream media as something which is completely unnecessary. It is especially unnecessary relative to our own outreach, education, and publication goals. We have everything that we need within our own organization to publish information and create the levels of awareness that we desire. Liberal Gun Owners does not possess an adversarial attitude towards the media. However, as an organization, LGO is completely turned-off by the loss of journalistic ethics and values in the modern media. We are turned-off by the loaded angles that we have seen in most of the current examples of reporting on the liberal gun ownership "phenomenon." Simply put, we will not be partaking in superficial treatments. We will not be signing-off on or agreeing to articles with any writer who comes to us to collects bits, and then paint liberal gun ownership as some quirk, some reactionary process that started in January of 2017, some flash in the pan, or a novelty. Not one of these conclusions are accurate and we have observed all of these examples published in less than a year's time. We don't view the media as an entity which has the power to bestow upon us anything necessary as it pertains to our goals.

   Liberal Gun Owners supports fair, proper journalism. We don't mind criticism when it's earned. What we do not support is schlock, superficial treatments, propaganda-lite, and news as entertainment. Anyone interested in interviewing or writing a piece on LGO will have to make an effort to develop trust with us. If you don't have time for that, the time required for both sides to communicate and find a place where our two value systems meet, then don't waste your time. Any prospective writer will have to display to the organization that your goal is to create something of real value before even being seriously considered. We will not contribute to the angling and propaganda that is being created in the mainstream media right now.

   As such, interviews and articles will only be granted to writers who sign an agreement which stipulates that both Liberal Gun Owners and the writer / media company have sign-off/approval rights on the final edit of a piece. If you aren't willing to offer that, or cannot offer that, don't bother contacting us. It is unfortunate that it has had to come to such a place, but right now both sides of the media spectrum are adding to the country's division via poor journalism. Liberal Gun Owners will not engage in media contributions to division. 

   Otherwise, are you a writer who understands what you just read? Do you understand why an organization would need to have such a policy? Want to work with us to create an accurate, truthful, integrity-filled piece?

Use our main contact:



Prospective LGO Members

   If you are a gun owner or if you are considering gun ownership, and you have philosophies and political views that lean left, then we want you to know that we have a secure and enjoyable place for you to discover or further develop your enthusiasm for firearms. This goes for independent minds, free-thinkers, and anyone who can put differences aside to constructively engage in a community built upon passion and enjoyment. Yes, firearms are a social and political issue. Yes, in a separate forum, we engage in those discussions respectfully and hardily. However, our primary purpose is not to proselytize for any aspect of gun politics or gun laws. We all work on behalf of the Second Amendment in our own individual ways. The main purpose of LGO is to support gun owners who are liberal, but who also understand or are seeking to understand the enjoyment of firearms.  

   Some liberals are just at the stage where life, or the current political division in the country, has stimulated a desire in them to further their approach to awareness and self-defense. This, of course, is a legitimate awakening in our eyes. We have room for that as well. At the end of the day, there is a point where many experienced liberal gun owners just want to put aside the noise of the debates, and enjoy talking about guns with their buddies. This is the heart and soul of our organization.  Inside of LGO, it's firearms enjoyment first. Understanding this truth seems to be a sticking point with many liberals and leftists who have attempted to join our community. We are liberals, indeed. But it is no issue for us to understand that a person's politics can be relaxed, and holstered when it's time to unwind.

   For the record, in order to achieve the maturity and success that we have with LGO, we have had to engage in denying entry to thousands of toxic conservatives. But certainly and extensively, we have had to police our own community and eject toxic leftists from our circle. Being an asshole is not something that stops at the right side of the political spectrum. It's an issue on both sides. Liberal Gun Owners is welcoming to mature and constructive people. We have suffered long at holding to the precept of absolute inclusion while we let politically manic leftists, and leftists with their own agenda, run roughshod all over our forum. Those days are over. If you are a decent person, and can comprehend and support our mission and conduct rules in forum, then you will receive unending support for your experience with firearms.

If you are politically left, and any of the following things, you definitely should not knock on LGO's door:

  • Someone who believes themselves to hold the almighty definition of what it means to be liberal, and deems anyone outside of that definition as disingenuous. This includes the automatic conclusion that the terms liberal and Democrat are necessarily synonymous.
  • Someone who has any manor of political or social crusade as their purpose for attempting to join.
  • Someone who believes that division is a fair price for any intensity of belief in gun laws.
  • Someone who looks at firearms or LGO as a way to engage in an extreme political revolution.
  • Someone who wants to join LGO to espouse the precepts of Juche, Communism,  Marxism, Democratic Socialism etc. There are plenty of places on the internet to engage in these activities, if you are wont to do. Liberal Gun Owners is not that place.
  • Someone who wants to use LGO's forum merely as a place to achieve a goal relative to changes in gun laws. LGO is mainly for gun enthusiasm, and enjoyment. We have different views on the matter of law, and consistently exchange these views in order to offer information from different perspectives. It is completely unnecessary for us to have someone in the group, who has solely joined the group for the, "it's time we talk about taking gun control seriously..." sermonizing.
  • Someone who lives in their mom's house, or in a space that their parents help pay for, who likes to cover their face with a handkerchief at protests, who likes to glorify the molotov cocktail, spray paint, dumpster fires, the hammer and sickle, or the image of Che Guevara's face. For the sake of example, let's call this "The Anarcho-Guevara-Horseshit-O-Manifesto-Edgelord Criteria"
  • Someone who meets the above criteria, who is also over the age of 30, and lives in the basement or garage apartment of a relative.
  • Someone who meets the above criteria, who subconsciously engages in serial monogamy in order to have someone else pay for part of or all of their rent so that they can continue to play "Enlightened Anarchist" on somebody else's dime.
  • Someone who meets the above criteria, who is over the age of 35 and has purposefully eschewed a life of real work in order to maximize time playing the "Misunderstood Marxist Genius" at local libraries, coffee houses, and college campuses with ideological and naive people half their age.


I think you get the drift.


   If you are sincere in your desire to join a community where open-minded and mature people talk about and enjoy gun ownership, then please come and check out our Facebook page. Facebook is the current center of our community activity. There are two entry questions that you need to answer. If you pass muster, you will be allowed to join. It's that simple. Click on The Facebook icon in the footer of this page.


Come see us on Facebook or get in touch:




Trolls and harrassment

   Dearest trolls and toxic right-wing freedom fighters, it would be most a most joyous affair if your political and philosophical harassment was capped at ball-busting and at your manifold, propaganda-influenced, unsubstantiated claims against liberals. Alas, this is not the case.  So, for starters, let us give you a little lesson in the reality left-side-culture:

  • 1% of the culture is us. A smaller percentage of our "us" is fine with more strict gun control. That's just the way that it is.
  •  9% of the culture is an amalgam of immature violent assholes, loud-mouth kids breaking windows, and 27 year-olds living in their mom's basement reading Che Guevara biographies.
  •  15% of the culture are non-gunners who actively want guns gone or want worldwide Fudd-culture.
  •   The other 75%  of people on the left (the vast majority) could give a rats ass about guns and gun culture. They might have some small notion of gun restriction, but they aren't educated in guns, don't care about guns, don't vote thinking about guns, don't know who George Soros is, couldn't answer 5 accurate questions about Putin, and are just trying to pay their bills.

   This is hip-shot cultural science, but good enough. All of this extremist bullshit about liberals destroying America is the result of you being propagandized by patriotic symbols and misinformation. Do you want to know who is destroying America?

   Americans are. Both sides: being complicit, buying bullshit, living in fantasy realms.

   We fully understand how ridiculous the left can be. We live inside of it. However, in many ways, you cats take the cake. Could imagine a world where righties and lefties could love guns together and commune in properly ball-busting the morons on both sides? Of course, this is impossible when trying to deal with people who blame the ills of the world on everybody outside of their own circle. Such amazing luck you have: being born inside of the cultural circle that does everything perfectly, while the rest of us work for Satan...or Obama's Shadow Government...that he runs from his cell phone...on his Catamaran.

   Overall,  your trolling and harassment activity would be no issue for Liberal Gun Owners if things could just be kept at the level of loudmouth, propagandized know-it-all. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Mixed in with the constant stream of empty threats upon liberals are the frequent threats of actual physical harm against members of our community and their families. This includes death threats. For you liberal-hunting freedom warriors out there: we know that the subtext for your keyboard sociopathy is based on the feeling that you believe you are protected by being on the other side of a screen somewhere - unreachable. For those of you who want to push it past ball-busting into threats, we look forward to showing you just how reachable you are.

   Liberal Gun Owners has focus, money, lawyers, and all kinds of time. If you threaten or harass anyone associated with Liberal Gun Owners, you will be pursued by Liberal Gun Owners and our legal team, which includes online harassment specialists.

  So, if you want to roll with that shit: you better have burner accounts.


See you out in the space.

Liberal Gun Owners