In February of 2018, Liberal Gun Owners created a think tank from our own leadership and developmental core. We did this in order to address a lack of advanced thought and social sensitivity within gun culture. In the matrix of considerations for embracing and protecting the right to own firearms, and the right to self-defense, we identify cultural evolution as a more essential approach to Second Amendment support than the typical perseveration on politics and voting. These elements have their place, but will eventually prove to be inadequate without a caucus of gun owners who present gun ownership in a more advanced light. As such, The Liberal Gun Owners’ think tank is now engaged in efforts to innovate with fresh language, unique thought, and sensitive social activity to give our community (and any other gun owner) the ability to leave the old, tired grooves of gun culture and move into something more effective. The LGO think tank’s first determination was to produce an annual report that will focus upon two components:

  1. The need for gun culture to move into what we call “21st Century Gun Ownership”: the evolution of thought and conduct within gun culture itself.

2.The deeper study and reporting on one major aspect of modern gun violence, from our own, unique lens. Recommendations will also be given for gun owners to move themselves into a better understanding and into the mature solutions stream for these issues.

On our way to completing our 2018 Report (which focuses on 21st Century Gun Ownership And The School Shooting), we conducted an interview with student threat assessment expert John Van Dreal while we attended one of his associated threat assessment seminars in Salem, Oregon. The text of this interview, along with our student threat assessment advocacy materials are the first fruits of our think tank publications.

You can find these publications on our Medium platform:

1.Liberal Gun Owners Student Threat Assessment Advocacy Materials


2. Liberal Gun Owners: The Interview With John Van Dreal About Targeted Violence In Schools