the liberal gun owners mission


   Liberal Gun Owners is a Non-Profit Organization who has a mission that exists in four main facets. Our primary mission is to provide structure, social media experience, and online discussion security for gun enthusiasts who identify as liberal, free-thinking, or independent. Though our organization chose to use our social and political philosophy in our namesake, we are not a politics-first organization. We are primarily an organization dedicated to the enjoyment of firearms and firearms discussion. In ten years of existence as a social media community, we have found that engaging the at-large, right-dominated, American gun culture leaves a lot to be desired. We also find the insular, anti-gun aspects of our own philosophical and political culture as severely lacking. As a result, Liberal Gun Owners is now professionally engaged in helping liberals build an overall positive experience with firearms. We have made it a secondary priority to be accepting of any gun enthusiast, despite their political or philosophical leanings, who is turned-off from the vitriol and ignorance that can be found inside of the online gun-culture morass.

   In our second facet, beneath our extensive fostering efforts, LGO is an incorporated non-profit organization that is operated and developed by longstanding stewards and a burgeoning development core which is engaged in the act of looking deeper into both firearms ownership and the public good. We are looking deeper into America’s cultural issues in regards to both of these aspects. Due to the underlying realities, Liberal Gun Owners also has a developing commitment to address the severe lack of reason in both gun culture and in the wider American culture. This is not a commitment to perfection. It is a commitment to deepen our understanding and expression to a more solid and legitimate ground - an area that is more solid than what is typically being expressed in the current day. We observe the current cultural split into political extremes. We observe the superficial research efforts combined with politically expedient, reactionary passions combining into inadequate solutions. Although the debate over firearms ownership rights is not the only indicator of the extreme political split and reactionary activities, it certainly is a significant marker of such things. As such, we see the sincere societal need for contributions towards deeper levels of reason, research, understanding, and publication.

We have developed our own think tank, along with research and publication goals. We are actively pursuing relationships and networks in all fields associated with gun rights and public safety. We are seeking relatinships with experts in associated fields of science in order to better serve an obvious societal need for voices, from within gun culture, that offer more than just political hyperbole and perseveration upon the same worn out tracks of expression. We

Liberal Gun Owners, the social media community, is a branch of the organization and has been located on Facebook since 2007. Liberal Gun Owners, the organization, is not operated by our forum community. LGO is not a community-wide democracy. The organization chooses valued members from the community to join in the organizational development core, and with the guidance of our directors and administrators, it all shapes operations.  

   Liberal Gun Owners, the social-media community on Facebook, is a closed group where prospective members are strongly vetted. It will remain that way. In the near future, LGO will provide an organizational interface for the general public. However, Liberal Gun Owners' main online platforms will remain largely private.


   Does that make us "snowflakes" for not wanting to attempt one more minute of discussion inside of another standard gun group, filled with the effects of political propaganda, bigotry, and puerile intellects?

   Does that make us "desensitized hypocrites" for not wanting to trade our firearms in for a Vespa scooter, for not engaging in guilt-ridden self-immolation after we hunt game, or for believing in the 2nd Amendment despite humanity's never-ending problem with violence?

   Proudly then we say, "snowflakes and hypocrites we are!"  But do you know what else Liberal Gun Owners are?

   Veterans, law enforcement officers, fireman, EMTs, pilots, doctors, nurses, engineers, software developers, lawyers, writers, builders, entrepreneurs, social-media developers, artists, designers, professors, teachers, authors, CEOs, accountants, students, housewives, and stay-at-home dads. We are every-day people who are living paycheck to paycheck, millionaires, and everything in between. We are straight, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transsexual, and gender fluid. We are Atheists, Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, and Agnostics. We are also international. We believe in the right to bear arms. We have valid concerns for the safety of ourselves, our families, our friends, and the general public. We believe in self-defense. We are competitive shooters. We hunt. We are marksman. We are collectors. We like surplus. We like guns - a lot.

   Liberal Gun Owners is also a small example of Americans coming together, despite some ideological differences, and despite the current culture of division. We do not possess, nor tolerate a liberal echo chamber. We do indeed, often, have differing opinions. Ultimately, our community is glued together by both our love for guns and the shared ways in which we see the world. We work against an echo chamber but nourish our shared views. Although our primary mission serves mostly these shared views, it is our continuing hope that our future outreach platforms will serve as the ground where reasonable Americans, from the pool of the currently divided, can gather in constructive discussion. This is all in LGO's organizational effort to educate one another, promote solidarity, and work against the misunderstandings and the ignorance that foment the current culture of division.

   Again, Liberal Gun Owners has primarily been created for the existing and new liberal gun owner.  If you are new to firearms and have the belief that your philosophy is close to ours, then we are here for you. Please get in contact with us through this site. Do not hesitate to contact LGO. We are a fair-minded, and ultimately kind group. The same can be said for the long-time liberal gun owner who has felt isolated in their experience. Reach out. Receiving you well is our organizational mission.

   Liberal Gun Owners is not a PAC. We will not lose sight of our goals while getting lost in the static and mess of the current political arena. LGO's statements on social issues, political issues, and The Second Amendment can be found on this site. We do not encourage the people in our community to walk lock-step into a single view. We do not demonize members who dissent from the mean or possess a minority view. Where it is appropriate, we debate the issues and leave it up to the individual to vote their conscience when the time comes. But, again, LGO's political aspect is a distant second to our purpose of nurturing the enjoyment of firearms in our membership.

   Because of our success in creating an enjoyable, empowering online community for the liberal gun owner, LGO has now moved into the second tier of its organizational goals. We are indeed a Non-Profit organization who will now be developing our efforts in social media, publications, firearms related business and services, firearms related merchandise, training and education.

  Anyone who is interested in Liberal Gun Owners:  if you come to us constructively, we will reach back constructively. If you come to us in friendship, in solidarity, or in good-spirited curiosity, you shall be well met.