Shoot. Buy firearms and shoot them. Enjoy researching, considering, purchasing, discussing, and maintaining your firearms. You probably have never heard this from someone in the world, so we are going to say it to you:

Don't EVER feel bad about liking guns. Any notion that firearms or firearms owners are deviant, immature, unintelligent, mixed-up, or wrong is 100% poppycock. These negative sentiments are largely from people who are insulated  with no experience, and under-informed. Liberal Gun Owners is home to SCORES of intelligent, compassionate, professional, sensible gun owners who enjoy their lives, who don't live in fear, who love the world around them and ALSO have a relationship to firearms.

It is not as much of an anomaly as the progressive world, and the world of the social intelligentsia is trying to portray. Ignore it.

Enjoy your process and journey with firearms ownership. Enjoy the hell out of it.

You will see, in this report, that Liberal Gun Owners is heavily involved in assessment and criticism. Do not take it personally if you feel that it is somehow pointed at you. Please realize that the majority of our most genuine threats have come from inside of our own culture. Liberals, Progressives, Leftists, and Liberal Gun Owners ABSOLUTELY possess manifold immaturities and ignorances. We've suffered from it in the past. We no longer suffer these things. So, we shine the light on our own.

Ultimately, wherever you are in your journey with firearms, we will be with you in support. The limit to this is when members become disrespectful, condescending, or insulting. At that point, our support ends.

Mutual respect with deliver a lifetime of support. It's really not much to ask. The algorithm is simple.

There's more to life than firearms, by far.

But the pursuit of your own martial capacities or your own enjoyment with firearms can be amazing.

Because of their lethality, and created purpose, we feel that considering the world around us, and considering the social contract is essential to keeping a good balance with firearms in society. Liberal Gun Owners will provide members with more than enough ways to contribute, as gun owners, into the issues surrounding firearms. This is our responsibility, and the trade for being the keepers.

This report will get deep, heady, challenging, and it will deal with a subject that most do not want to really look at. Please keep in mind that one of the best ways that you can assist an issue with gun violence is for you to be a quality gun owner who is contributing to the improvement of gun culture itself. Gun culture, often, severely lacks the ability to recognize the world around it. Our belief is that gun ownership will not survive the 21st century unless gun culture grows up, and represents itself in a more enlightened, evolved state. This evolution will greatly improve any issue related to gun violence. Yes, we will also take part in more specific actions. but, by far, one of the best things that we can do is strive to be good humans while we strive to improve our experience with firearms.

We would encourage you to fight against any notion that participation in firearms is deviant. We are continuing to create the architecture for gun owners to display, through thought and action, concern for the wider world and for public safety. Both of these attributes can and do simultaneously exist inside of a singular person. We strongly feel that, as opposed to the alternative of cold extremes, the future of gun culture in America will be decided by gun owners, of all belief systems, who possess these same attributes.

Stay tuned.