yes, but Where do you stand on this?


   Beyond the din of the normal chatter and arguments concerning guns in society, we have the 800 pound, Wall Street Gorilla and a government that hasn't functioned in 9 years. Liberal Gun Owners is perplexed by the notion that somehow it is worth the time spinning in the overwrought minutiae of gun-regulation arguments while this country is a Texas-fried mess. What of significance will be achieved via foolish persistence, relative to any natural right, in a system where our lawmakers are the feature of the main circus tent ? There are better ways for Liberal Gun Owners to spend its time.

   Will LGO direct money towards violence studies? Will members of LGO continue to vote in a pro-gun direction? Will LGO work to support the Second Amendment? Will LGO stay concerned about violence and the presence of firearms in society? Of course we will do these things. Will we reconsider our positions and listen to opposing viewpoints? Of course we will. These things are all as natural as blinking for our mindset. We are gun owners with brains and we are a part of this society. To continue in these aspects is no great leap.

   When it comes to considering the anti-gunners, they simply deem their position as the only legitimate position . Pro-gunners will do the same. As discerning gunners, LGO is here to tell the anti-gunners that weapons are inextricably tied to the deeply ingrained, genetic link between the human psyche and internal forces of self-preservation. Millions of humans have this relationship with weapons in their bones and it will never stop being this way. When humans are able to transcend the desire for weapons, we doubt they will still be considered human. As such, the fight to end firearms possession for humans is a waste of time. So, the better understanding for the anti-gunner is to help gun culture improve, instead of trying to eliminate it. Do you help to improve gun culture by severe restriction on gun ownership? No. The best thing that an anti-gunner can do is to stop being against firearms. The next best thing that an anti-gunner can do is to look harder into humanity's problem with violence. The root of self-preservation, which is the driving force behind the human relationship with weapons, is not the same root that is at the base of human violence. This is something that needs to be understood. These two roots can, indeed, forge - as evidenced in warfare. But when we are talking about everyday violence in America, which is the essential starting-point of modern anti-gun sentiment, the roots are distinctly different. We assure the anti-gunner that violence is not a problem within the majority of gun culture. Instead of going after gun ownership, we suggest that the anti-gunner go after human violence.

   Liberal Gun Owners has made a commitment to not waste its time and to be an effective force in making the world a better place. How, as a gun group, do we do this? We are dedicated to improving gun culture by improving the quality of gun owners themselves - helping sensible gun owners to help themselves. We are nurturing and supporting gun owners who have decided to use their intelligence and sensibility to create a better experience around guns. The reality is that we started our community because there is just too much anti-intellectual, conservative, bigoted, stupid bullshit ingrained in the average gun circle. One of the main reasons why Democrats can't be reached on the gun-issue is that typical gun culture comes off as moronic and propagandized. We attempted to let conservatives into our community. And while we have maintained a relationship to a few gems, the reality is that the average conservative gun owners, at least the ones that use the internet, are painfully moronic. They are loudmouthed boxes-of-rocks. That's just the reality. We didn't want that to be the truth. That is what was brought to our table. So, logically, in the effort to improve the overall experience with firearms, we had to go with the people that were best suited to help that mission. By far, liberals and independent thinkers, who like guns, displayed the character and intelligence required to move the gun-ownership needle away from moron-town. To be fair, the extreme leftists have been just as bad as the moronic conservatives, and we know that there are solid gunners over on the right. The shadow-side of both cultures have grown too large. And the positive elements of both sides are being drowned by the stupidity and complicity. For the record, Liberal Gun Owners stopped tolerating leftist bullshit about 2 years ago.


Not that we are opening our doors to the public, many people are surely going to want to ask the full array of questions to Liberal Gun Owners:

Where do you stand on this? Where do you stand on that? What about this?

Well, our answer to every question about on firearms in society is: 

In the current climate, we believe the best way to address any issue is by plainly improving gun culture through adding gunners who have better hearts and minds than the average.

The short of it: We are contributing to solutions by increasing the quality of gun culture.


  • Violence in society: increase the quality of gun culture.
  • Best way to serve the Second Amendment: increase the quality of gun culture.
  • Going on 9 years of a non-functioning government: increase the quality of gun culture.
  • Bumpstocks: increase the quality of gun culture.
  • North Korea: increase the quality of gun culture.
  • Minorities being oppressed and abused: increase the quality of gun culture.
  • Urban Progressives trying to eliminate gun-culture: increase the quality of gun culture.
  • Worldwide shortage of Covfefe: increase the quality of gun culture.
  • Gun culture not gaining traction due to the idiocy inside of conservative culture: increase the quality of gun culture.
  • The NRA now a propaganda machine that no longer, truly, represents the gun-owner majority: increase the quality of gun culture.

Can other avenues be addressed in concert? Of course. They will be addressed and traveled where appropriate. But, to put it bluntly, LGO is just going to improve gun culture. That's the answer to the questions.